Magen David Congregation of Beverly Hills

with warm greetings to all:

As the year comes to an end, we look forward once again to welcoming and seeing each and everyone, families, friends and guests.

We gather together to thank G-d for sustaining us, blessing us, and giving us the merit of seeking yet another year.

This is the time to renew our belief that G-d is the king, the only king, our king and we are his chosen people, his first born.

As Moshe Rabbeinu told us in his last address to the nation before his passing (Parashat Vatchanan). “What nation is so great that they have G-d close to them, as G-d our lord is to us, whenever we call Him.

Now is a special time to call out to our creator, for as close as we are to Him as his chosen people, during the month of Elul and Tishrei, He is even closer to us, as a bride to her beloved, “ Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li”.

Whatever the last year brought upon us, whether blessings or challenges, each and everyone has the chance to come and pray and ask Hashem to renew our bond, as in the early days and to stand before Him as an innocent child, as we read on Rosh Hashana.

When Avraham Avienu sent away his concubine Hagar and his son Yishmael out to the desert because Sarah didn’t want them around her son Isaac. The young Yishmael only 13 at the time, cried out wholeheartedly to Hashem to save his life. It didn’t matter what he had done to that point in time, or what was yet to come from him. G-d saw him has he was at that moment, a helpless desperate boy, and he heard his prayers and spared his life.

Through our prayers and unity may we all merit a year of happiness, blessing, family and most importantly a year of growth in Torah and Mitzvot and closeness to our G-d.

With the blessing of the New Year

“תחל שנה וברכותיה”

Dr. Moses Fallas and family

President Magen David Cong.

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